FOREWORD: Editor's Letter

Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

There’s something about “Best of” issues that make even the most even-keeled editors temporarily lose their marbles. None of us here at Main Line Today are unflappable—least of all, me. And let’s face it, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t question ourselves every step of the way.
That said, working to achieve consensus on more than 200 critics’ picks led to some epic debates. Thankfully, there were no injuries (other than hurt feelings).

With their usual passion, senior editor Tara Behan and associate editor Dawn E. Warden—with help this year from editorial assistant Benjamin Berliner—spent months scouring the area for 2007’s best. Many of them were repeat winners; others were first-timers we couldn’t believe we’d overlooked in years past. Longtime Main Liners, Behan and Warden definitely know their stuff, and they worked tirelessly to make sure readers were getting something new this year—not just the usual suspects.

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Of course, you had your say as well, filling out ballots in record numbers. Those winners are acknowledged right alongside the critics’ picks.

As for me, I threw in my 2 cents here and there. And what I felt was unjustly ignored I’ve included in my own “Personal Best” list below.

Hope to see you at our Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs party July 26 at Drexelbrook. In the meantime, here are my picks for Best …

Pool for Kids: ACAC, 1130 McDermott Drive, West Chester; (610) 431-7000,

Skate and Snowboard Accessories: Fairman’s Skate, Snow & Surf Shop, 43 W. Gay St., West Chester; (610) 344-9959,

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Vitamin Selection: Lionville Natural Pharmacy, 309 Gordon Drive, Lionville; (610) 363-7474,

Festival for Kids: Chester County Hospital’s May Festival, 701 E. Marshall St., West Chester; (610) 430-2906,

Reason to Wonder: Pennsylvania legislators’ continued hemming and hawing over a statewide smoking ban.

Salsa: Senora’s, 505 E. Gay St., West Chester, (610) 344-4950.

Local Chanteuse: Sharon Little (see MLT Musts, page 45).

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Music Classes: Taylor’s Music Store & Studios, 116 W. Gay St., West Chester; (610)-696-1812,

Park for Families: West Goshen Community Park, Fern Hill and Five Points roads, West Chester,

Restaurant for Kids: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, 3 W. Gay St., West Chester; (610) 738-9600,

Our Best of the Main Line & Western Suburbs Party is July 25!