Food for Thought Redux

I realize that Main Line Today is a lifestyle magazine and that part of our job here is to celebrate all the people, places and things that make the Main Line a terrific place to live.

I also realize, as I am sure all of you do, that our lifestyle is a lot more cushy than about three-quarters of the nation and likely that much of the world. So when I came across this article today—“Hunger Eclipsed by Financial Crisis on World Food Day”—well, it was hard to look away.

Admittedly, I am awful at math, but even I recognize that 967 million—the estimated number of people in the world who will be considered malnourished this year, up from 44 million—is gargantuan. And not only is it gargantuan, it is also wholly embarrassing for humankind.

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Waste is all around us, and if you don’t believe me, just take a walk around the King of Prussia Mall (sorry Mall, it’s not your fault). First stop, Cheesecake Factory (great food, unnecessarily large portions). Second stop, Maggiano’s (again, great food, too large of portions, even for family style).

Americans are facing an obesity epidemic, yet almost a billion people on the other side of the country—and likely scattered around our neighboring towns—are going hungry every day.

It’s hard to swallow.

But I don’t want to be that person who stands up here on a soapbox and acts like a martyr. I simply feel obligated to share things I think are worth reading and caring about.

If you go to the above link, you’ll find the article I am referring to, along with “related posts” that you may also find interesting.

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I, for one, didn’t even know yesterday was World Food Day—Philabundance, where are you? But I’m glad I do now. Hopefully, you are, too.

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