Flower Girl

Philanthropist Kendall Brown

“Doing good” is a defining mantra in the life of Kendall Brown, owner of Eclatante Event Design in Media and a self-professed “shy person who would rather work a party than go to one.”

As a committed philanthropist, Brown has operated a home for unwed mothers and served as a lobbyist for a nonprofit law firm that dealt with children’s issues. “My sister says I reinvent myself every five years,” says Brown.

And along that road to reinvention, she also founded Kindness Blooms, a philanthropic branch of Eclatante Event Design that donates flowers from parties and other functions to nursing homes, hospitals and organizations like the Ronald McDonald House. “It’s great—people are really surprised,” says Brown. “At nursing homes, the older people go, ‘Ooh. Ahh.’ It’s really neat—and a breath of fresh air.”

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When Brown poses the idea to her clients, they’re always excited to participate. “They love it,” she says. “It’s wonderful when you can do a win-win. It is time consuming. But life is time consuming.”

Even so, Brown knows she can’t do everything herself. “Do your research and accept help when taking on a project like this,” she says.

To find out more about Kindness Blooms, call (610) 565-9977.

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