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Fashion Advice from a Lilly Pulitzer Insider


Jane Schoenborn, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Communications, Lilly Pulitzer, King of Prussia

Favorite designers (in addition to Lilly Pulitzer, of course): My all-time favorite is Miu Miu, but I don’t own much. It’s really adoration from afar. I’m such a jewelry gal, too. I love jewelry from Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Zeuner, Jennifer Meyer and Jennifer Miller—all the Jennifers.

Spring trends she loves: Well, it’s delightful that color and print are so prominent this season. That always makes me happy. To balance that out, I love the availability of white from every designer. There’s white everywhere: casual to dressier dresses, and even sportswear. 

Style icon: Lilly, certainly. And even more than her actual apparel, I am constantly inspired by how she lived her life. She broke the rules, and she invited everyone to her parties. Her home was a gypsy mix of people, places and things. I love that. I’m not great with repetitive or predictable and welcome the continuous surprise of life.

Go-to casual outfit for a typical Saturday out: If you’re able to pry me away from my workout clothes, I’ll throw on printed Lilly shorts and a white button-down. We make the best printed shorts in every length. It’s an easy warm-weather uniform. I usually pair them with a little wedge and a bunch of tiny gold necklaces, even on the weekends.

Go-to outfit for a Saturday night in the city: I’m a dress girl and I’m—like the rest of the world—semi-obsessed with jumpsuits. We have the most amazing printed jumpsuit this spring. Anything one-shoulder just screams chic to me … and more gold jewelry.

Favorite thing in her closet: I love my engagement ring. It’s nontraditional—the Trinity ring from Cartier. It’s so me. 

Personal style: My style is happy, easy. There’s a bit of that nomad feel, mixed with a prep-school background. There’s nothing cold about how I dress or my personality. I always lean toward the sunnier side.

Favorite fashion blogs: I read them all—that’s my job. For a while, I’ve leaned toward Instagram—the visual stimulation is addicting. Some of my favorites are “garypeppergirl,” “donalddrawbertson” and “jannid.”

Splurges: I want a white leather, over-the-shoulder, deconstructed tote for spring. I buy smart and save my money for travel adventures.

Favorite Lilly Pulitzer print: For spring, my favorite is “All Nighter.” It has giant swirling flamingos. We just wrapped a Jeep in this print, and it’s amazing to drive it down the Blue Route.

What she’s most excited about in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection: Impossible question. Everything in the Lilly for Target Collection is incredibly chic. Target just gets it. We took them for a long weekend in Palm Beach, and they soaked it up. I love the home pieces the most, but that’s probably because I’m starved for Lilly home. The printed patio umbrella and printed hammock, both trimmed with pom-poms, are so vintage Palm Beach chic. The giant outdoor poufs and pillows just beg you to throw a party.


Lilly Pulitzer’s Target collection launches on April 19. 

photo by tessa marie images