Ask the Home Expert: OD Interior Design

How can I find a designer that understands my busy lifestyle and will be a star quarterback for my project?

You want to be convinced a designer will not only understand your busy lifestyle but will organize and manage resources, take care of everything from concept to completion and still create that “wow” design.  How do you know if they possess these skills?  Ask these questions:  Can the designer give clear examples of how he or she will take charge of the entire process, and leave me to enjoy the benefits of delegation?  Can he or she bring solid industry partners that will complete the project under their supervision? What plan of action will be established that simplifies communication and that respects my time?

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Completing a new design project is exciting, but the process of getting to that point…probably “not so much”.  It’s important that your designer relies on strict organizational planning, is a master at problem solving and acts as your liaison as well as providing a beautiful design.  Your time is valuable; so a designer who can handle the “fine points” and keep a plan in place to protect that time is imperative.

How can I be sure that the final design will reflect my vision for the space?

When your mind’s eye creates your dream design, you want to be sure that the designer you have selected to interpret that vision is in perfect alignment with your expectations.  How can you be sure?  Ask these questions: Does the designer have examples of complete design concepts that he or she has created where the visuals give you the experience of actually being in the room, or walking through the house?  Do you feel like you could almost reach out and touch the furniture and elements in the room?  Do the visuals presented give you the confidence to move forward, or are they just drawings?

You and the designer, in partnership, should not only bring your vision to full blossom, but the visuals should enable you to experience the design concept as if it was already complete before the contractor hits the first nail.  A designer that understands how you live, which is part of the design process, should be able to create and present your project in an effective way that saves you time, stress, and most of all, provides value for your investment.  When working with a designer, you want to feel confident about your decisions with no regrets….. before you go to construction.


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How do I know I am getting the best ROI?

What are the things that are most important to you regarding your project and your life?  Time management, resourcefulness, clear vision, return on your investment? Whatever the requirements for your project, it will usually mirror what you expect in your everyday life.  Explore the same thoughts you would have with any investment. Ask yourself these three questions:  “If the right designer creates, implements and manages the entire project, how much time and effort would it save me?” “When this project is completed beautifully and has been done in a low stress, timely and professional fashion, how much value would that bring to me and my family?  “If I take the time to ask the important questions and get the right answers to hire the right designer, would this increase my return on investment?

Providing as much information as you can to your designer about your expectations regarding his or her role as part of your design journey is crucial.  Also, being realistic about what their role is worth to you as well as your vision, goals and your peace of mind is equally as important. Make sure you understand and are clear on the answers from your design professional and yourself.  There is a lot of fluff out there. You don’t need fluff.  You need solutions.

Getting to Know the Expert

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Although my interior design career became official in 2010, after earning a degree in interior design and spending several years in construction and design project management, I was actually hand drawing beautiful spaces by the age of 10. Interior design is not just what I do, it’s a big part of who I am.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my husband (a “serial entrepreneur”) my amazing family, exploring new restaurants, planning the future, and traveling. And of course, there is my adorable Yorkie, Brueno, the star of my Instagram IGTV, “Brueno Vision”, which is right up there with my all-time favorite movie classic, An Imitation of Life.

At the end of the day, I must say that interior design is my passion, and my clients see it. This is one of the top reasons clients give for choosing me… they can feel my passion.  They want someone who understands them, knows what it takes, and is passionate about design.  I give my clients the ability to experience their dream spaces in vivid detail before even committing to the design. Seeing the look on their faces when they see their imagination come to life, is why I do what I do.


6 S. Lakeside Avenue
Berwyn Pennsylvania 19312
(484) 320-8471

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