Expert Advice From Chimney Specialists

What should you look for when servicing, repairing or restoring your fireplace?

Experience and passion go hand-in-hand. Experience not only means time under your belt, but also the certifications necessary to master your craft. D.J. Cross, Inc. has been in business since 1981, and we continue to invest in educating our technicians. The two leading certification agencies are: The Chimney Safety Institute of America ( and The National Fireplace Institute (

These agencies are responsible for teaching America’s chimney and fireplace specialists to inspect, maintain and restore your hearth. Your contractor should have these certifications. Your contractor should also be passionate about chimneys. Without a thoughtful and trained specialist, you may end up with an expensive fireplace that doesn’t work or is unsafe. Remember, you’re lighting a fire in your living room. Regular maintenance, proper inspections and competent repairs can make the difference to keep a fire in its place.

My fireplace doesn’t “work.” Should I convert to gas?

Before you do anything, your specialist should perform a Level II inspection recommended by the CSIA. This will diagnose potential problems inside of your chimney that could be fixed to preserve the ambience of a “real” fire. While gas is convenient, it’s not a cure-all. Some fundamental issues in chimneys are unsafe for any flame.

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When is the best time of year to service  your fireplace?

The best time of year to plan your maintenance or restoration project is the spring. The weather cooperates for exterior repairs, and there are fewer emergency calls. With more scheduling flexibility, you may be able to negotiate a better rate. For some contractors, like us, there is no “off season.” However, the spring and summer provide the best opportunity to  explore your options before the rush to light a fire by the fall.

Jon and Ben Cross are the next generation of D.J. Cross, Inc. Both are graduates of Malvern Preparatory School and Temple University. Their parents, Dan and Jayne, started the business nearly forty years ago.
D.J. Cross, Inc. inspectors are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and National Fireplace Institute. From a basic cleaning to a complicated restoration, they can preserve your hearth whether it was built last year or before the last century.

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