Erin Lievens

Managing Partner, HeadRoom; Founder, Kids for Their Community

Brainpower is burning bright at HeadRoom, with three collaboration workspaces in the area. Opened in the 2014, the Media location quickly filled its 3,500 square feet of office space with 45 residents in law, insurance, marketing, technology and accounting. Lievens and her partners have the same hopes for Wayne and Conshohocken. 

Have you had a mentor in your career?

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I’ve surrounded myself with people who share common goals and have skills I don’t have. I lead HeadRoom’s monthly Women’s Round Table. We have productive, supportive meetings. I’ve learned so much from those women that I think of them as role models. 

What was a turning point in your career?

Starting HeadRoom. We wanted to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can make things happen. Starting Kids for Their Community was another turning point. It’s a nonprofit focused on getting children 4-14 involved in community service. We partner with local organizations to create children’s volunteer events. Between 80 and 100 kids attended an event in August. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Starting HeadRoom. The spaces are vehicles for our real passion: our residents and their success. 

Photo by Tessa Marie Images.

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