Dream It, Do It

Interior designer Carole Lee

After three decades as an interior designer, Carole Lee can honestly say she doesn’t have a favorite style. “I’ve done it all, from modern to French country,” she says. “I love working on varied styles because it keeps my designs fresh and interesting.”

Lee’s role is to inspire and direct clients to articulate their vision. “I offer choices,” she says of her Media-based business, Carole Lee Interiors. “I always explain why I’m presenting the choices I am, and then it’s up to the client.”

Personal decorating style: Wide open. I like all styles and all periods.

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Favorite room in her house: The sitting room, because the colors and furniture are extremely comfortable, and there’s a lot of artificial and natural light.

Most prized possession: The precious pieces of furniture and crystal my parents and grandparents gave me.

Designer who inspires her: Any designer who shows creativity.

Design advice she loves to give: That lighting and color are overlooked. They really can make a significant difference in a project.

Favorite rooms to design: Every room in the home, but I believe the entry area isn’t given enough attention. It creates first impressions for your guests.

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Favorite design trend of the moment: I’m not in favor of any trend because its longevity is too fleeting.

Her definition of good taste: Accessorizing to the minimum. It’s not necessary to fill every available space.

Biggest decorating faux pas: Too many accessories, followed closely by white ceilings and lack of color coordination.

Three words that sum up her design philosophy: Avoid costly mistakes.

The best part of her job: Interacting with clients and their family members or business associates.

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Favorite project: Anything that creates a challenge for me.

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