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Crystallized Designs Turn a Bride’s Nails into an Instant Party


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Timing is everything … in love, life and even manicures. Be sure to schedule your manicure for one or two days prior to the wedding. This saves time and stress on the wedding day while ensuring a picture-perfect manicure throughout the day and into the honeymoon. 

  • Behind every great manicure are healthy nail beds: Wishing your nails were Essie-advertisement worthy? Consider taking a daily health supplement for a few months before the big day. Iron-heavy multivitamins or formulas specifically designed to help hair, skin and nails should do the trick.
  • It’s the little things: Don’t be afraid to add a few adornments to your manicure! Explore Pinterest or discuss your options with your manicurist. Recent trends include crystallized designs, pearl embellishments and dainty lace appliqués.
  • Gel it up: Salons recommend choosing a Gelish or Shellac polish for the most long-lasting results. These polishes contain resin that can only be set by a UV or LED light, which means your manicure won’t chip or wear away for up to two weeks. (Warning: Do not attempt to remove Gelish or Shellac polish yourself—get it done professionally to prevent damage to your nail beds).
  • Use color with caution: Many brides want to incorporate the wedding’s color scheme into their manicure. While this can work beautifully, be sure that it won’t take away from your dress, hair, makeup and (of course) the ring. As an alternative, have your bridal party display colorful coordinating manicures while choosing a neutral style for yourself.
  • Paris is always a good idea: And a French manicure is the next best thing, right? You can’t go wrong with this clean, classic look that never loses its elegance. It goes with everything and is easily customizable—the perfect solution for picky bridesmaids.
  • Treat your manicure well: It’s hard to make your nails a priority when you have catering, flower arrangements, guest lists and in-laws to worry about. But it’s important to take special care of your manicure in the day or two between your appointment and the wedding. Avoid housecleaning and soaking your nails in water, especially if you chose a traditional, or non-Gelish, polish. 

Cambio Salon & Spa in Media, Pa., and Trilogy by Alison Salon and Day Spa in Newark, Del., contributed tips for this story.