Coupled Up

In July, I was approached by an attractive couple at our Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs party. “Hi Tara,” said the man, beaming. “Remember me?”

As my mind raced to match a name with the face, he spared me further embarrassment by answering his own question: “I was in your singles issue last year. Your story worked—I’m not single anymore.”

Apparently, the feature we’ve struggled mightily (but happily) to assemble every year since our inaugural “Eligibles” cover story in November 1997 has made a difference. In fact, many of those featured in past issues are now married—some with children. And while we can’t take credit for the baby part, it’s still nice to know.

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As for 2008’s crop of eligibles, it certainly won’t disappoint. We received hundreds of e-mails nominating family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors throughout the Main Line. Rest assured, it wasn’t easy whittling down the list, but we think you’ll be impressed with this year’s final 17. From media types to entrepreneurs —and even a reality show alum—it was quite an eclectic bunch that assembled for our photo shoot at Lucky Strike Lanes in Center City (a great place for a first date, by the way).

As the day progressed and our singles relaxed a little, I’m pretty sure I saw some sparks fly between a few of them. After all, the camera doesn’t lie: Check it out for yourself.

Who knows—one or two of this year’s eligibles might even spark your interest. Meet them in person, along with hundreds of other area singles, at Main Line Today’s Most Eligible Party Nov. 20 at the Radnor Hotel in St. Davids. This year’s event supports a great cause,, an organization that provides new and rebuilt computers to children in families who can’t afford them.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: While I was out shopping for worthy singles to feature, associate editor Dawn Warden was scouting boutiques up and down the Main Line for her cover story, “Shop Till You Drop.” (Yes, we do luck out every once in a while and get fun stories to research.) Among the many perks of living in our area, shopping has to rank near the top of the list, and Warden’s story comes just in time for the holidays, when we’re all searching for the perfect wardrobe enhancements to see us through a torrid party season.

Hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it together.

Our Best of the Main Line Elimination Ballot is open through February 22!