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Cheryl Nicolson


Thanks to an encouraging mom, Cheryl Nicolson was the first person in her family to go to college. She then took things one step further, earning a law degree.

The Villanova University and Widener Law School grad spent years cutting her teeth in trial litigation at local firms before starting her own in June 2008 with just one other attorney and a secretary. “I had this idea that I could build a place where women professionals could still be the professionals they were born and raised to be­—and the moms they wanted to be,” she says.

Despite a market crash at the onset of her business, timing was on Nicolson’s side. With large product-based companies looking to scale back on legal spending, she was able to open doors previously unavailable to a small firm. Her Media-based practice thrived.

Today, Nicolson Law represents Fortune 500 companies here and through its additional offices in New Jersey and California. The firm focuses largely on product manufacturing and transportation, along with insurance agencies.

After experiencing such great success, Nicolson wanted to give back. She does that through the Asante Africa Foundation, a nonprofit in East Africa that trains individuals in nursing so they can return to serve their communities. The cause is fitting, given the importance of education in Nicolson’s life. “If we can educate what’s the equivalent of a nurse practitioner and network with other organizations to provide jobs for these nurses, we could really impact change,” she says.

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Degnan. 

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