Chalkboard Paint for Home Décor

It’s not just for art class. Chalkboard paint’s popularity spills into home use and across color wheels.

It’s a kid’s dream come true—a wall in the house where parents actually encourage doodling. Thanks to an explosion in the popularity of chalkboard paint, this once-punishable offense is now an acceptable practice in many homes. Once applied, it dries to become a writeable surface. Gray, black and green are the more traditional colors. But companies like Benjamin Moore offer an array of hues, from brights to neutrals—all available locally.

Chalkboard paint is showing up in home nurseries, where parents are even commissioning semi-permanent murals. Once the kids are old enough, it can be erased and they are free to create their own masterpiece. Playroom and family room walls are other popular options. School-age children can benefit from chalkboard paint near a desk, so they can jot down assignments and other reminders.

As for grownups, they’re using it for kitchen message boards, office walls, and elegant, inspirational quotes in more formal spaces. Other clever ideas include painting drawers, backsplashes and the inside of cabinet doors—anywhere labels and notes might be useful. And chalkboard paint on a tabletop gives anyone permission to doodle. 

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