Cell Phones Equal Convenience, but do They Ever Really Equal Connection?

Writer Katie Kohler argues that instant gratification isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

A few weeks ago, an after-work Wegmans run made me “hangry” in the extreme, thanks to the hordes of Instacart workers hogging the aisles. But then I happened upon a cheery cheese peddler.

“Would you like to try some Manchego?”

Of course I would.

And I bought that Manchego, instead of my usual cheddar or provolone. Nibbling on a sample, I pondered it’s nutty goodness as I fantasized about what it might be like to go straight home after work and find my whole wheel of Manchego and other groceries waiting for me in the kitchen—or, better yet, a prepared meal laid out on my dining room table.

It’s worth noting that Veruca Salt spent quite a bit of time inside the Chocolate Factory before her untimely, if well-deserved, demise. So while the cell phone may be one golden ticket to connection and convenience, it can’t equal the rush of simply stepping outside—or inside. Nothing beats a few hours in Target, after all.

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Veruca may have got what she wanted right away, but it never really made her happy. 

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