Catholic School Praise, Frank Furness Fans and Where Sheena Parveen Buys Her Dresses

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Katie Bambi-Kohler’s “Cross to Bear” (February 2014) is a lovely piece of descriptive writing. The content, however, is questionable. I’m sorry she had such a terrible experience at what sounds like a horrible school, but some of her facts are suspect—like “nuns in habits” in the early ’90s? Remembering loved ones wasn’t a way of “reinforcing the prospect of our imminent demise” to keep us “in line.” It’s called support. 

I was lucky enough to attend Catholic school from 1975 to 1986. I have lifelong friends, and we were taught to respect others. It’s easy today to write an article bashing anything Catholic, but it should have some substance. —Priscilla Gutheil, Malvern


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The “Furness Found” cover story (January 2014) was a pleasure to read. It’s satisfying to know that Frank Furness is being rediscovered yet again. Philadelphians don’t know enough about this giant of architecture. He influenced Louis Sullivan and a constellation of great architects, including Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi. The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s grand staircase is a tribute to Furness, echoing his work at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Venturi and Denise Scott Brown offered their own tribute when they designed the Seattle Art Museum’s “Art Ladder.”

With an estimated 4,000 commissions, Furness was unique and prolific. And although Philadelphia prides itself on its Revolutionary past, it also experienced the Innovative Era, when all the wonders of the new Mechanical Age were introduced here at the Centennial Exhibition. Furness expressed that industrial energy in the signature details of his wonderful buildings. —Louis F. Hansell, Drexel Hill


I’m a nurse for Main Line Health, and I always enjoy reading the Top Doctors issue (December 2013). Being a labor and delivery nurse, I work closely with all the OB-GYNs. We see them interact with patients, nurses and each other every day. So it was shocking that you didn’t list Dr. Stephen Krell as a Top Doc. 

Dr. Krell has accomplished so much more than just fantastic patient care. He’s the CEO of Women’s Health Care Group of PA, an organization he developed. He’s also established his own labs, ultrasound facility and breast centers with 3-D imaging, so patients don’t have to go back for ultrasounds if their mammograms are unreadable. And women can talk to a nurse practitioner to review their results—not many other facilities have this wonderful benefit. —Juleann Levin, Paoli Hospital

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“Up Close and Personal with NBC10’s Sheena Parveen”

I’d love to know where Sheena buys her dresses! —Laurel Werner

Parveen’s response: I buy my dresses from many different places—sometimes direct from designers like Maggy London, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor and Tahari, to name a few. Most of my shopping is done online, since I hate shopping!

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