Carolyn Slota


Carolyn Slota’s involvement with Rosemont’s St. Edmond’s Home for Children goes all the way back to her time at the Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Bryn Mawr. At the time, St. Edmond’s was establishing a junior committee—today’s equivalent to a young-friends group. Slota joined, and she remained a member through college. 

As she started her own family, Slota returned to St. Edmond’s and joined its women’s auxiliary. Currently celebrating an impressive 100 years, St. Edmond’s is the first Catholic home for children with disabilities in the United States. “It provides a service that these severely mentally handicapped children so desperately need,” she says. “It’s so rewarding—there’s no question about that.”

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Slota is also an active member of the Junior League of Philadelphia and has participated on committees for the Academy Ball. In explaining her commitment to multiple causes, Slota goes back to something she learned at Sacred Heart: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” 

“I’ve always believed the smallest acts can be full of impact,” she says. “We’re all part of a community, and if everyone does their part, that community is a better place to live.”

Carolyn Slota

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