How to Move On From a Breakup During the Pandemic

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Five self-care techniques to help you heal from the ending of a relationship, especially when you can’t have close friends around you.

Regardless of who initiated it, a breakup is an emotionally arduous process. Even under normal circumstances, healing can be one of the most difficult emotional challenges one faces. Progressing through the stages of mourning and seeking emotional acceptance and closure requires time, patience and self-love.

Having close friends and family around to care for us, listen to us and comfort us is an essential part of the healing process. None of this is easy during a pandemic. Here are five self-care strategies to help you heal during these unprecedented times.

1. Make a list of self-soothing activities.

Write down the methods that work best for you, and practice one per day for a week. Take a bath, listen to calming music, read or meditate. After a week, consider which activities made you feel better. Can you incorporate them into your regular schedule?

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2. Talk about your feelings.

Talking is both cathartic and clarifying, and it allows us to cultivate self-awareness. Find a trusted friend or family member. Virtual platforms are fine.

3. Take a one-day hiatus from social media.

Weaning yourself off of an ex-partner’s online activity allows for faster healing. Consider extending the break or setting limits with yourself until you feel that your ex-partner’s social media presence doesn’t negatively impact your recovery.

4. Create a safe space on social media after your hiatus.

Consider other options for making virtual connections—like a new group text, Twitter list or Facebook group. Such options allow you to limit the activity and users, helping to minimize FOMO.

5. Remain hopeful.

Mourning a breakup is hard work, but you won’t feel this way forever. Turn to a mental health professional for support if you need it.

Dr. Paula Durlofsky is a psychologist, blogger and author of Logged in and Stressed out.

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