Meet Beke Beau, Founder of the Paint School of Makeup in Manayunk

Beke Beau, a skilled makeup artist and the founder of the Paint School of Makeup in Manayunk, shares her personal fashion tips.

Beke Beau is the founder and makeup artist at the Paint School of Makeup in Manayunk who has a strong passion for women’s fashion.

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Photo by Tessa Marie Images

SUPERSTAR CLIENTS: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Miller, John Travolta.

HER STYLE: Ever-evolving. That said, a dear friend of mine and I like to call our similar styles “alternative Amish,” meaning clothes that pay homage to austerity and the ease of a uniform.

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FASHION AWAKENING: I started reading Vogue while I was backstage on breaks in my rock-band days. Whatever I didn’t have access to, I’d try to make myself. I recall a pleather miniskirt that fit really well, but the zipper was a disaster.

WHAT CAPTIVATES HER ABOUT MAKEUP: At first, makeup was a godsend because I could use it to cover up my acne. Then it became fun to experiment for stage and cultivate my ingenuity with the stuff.

INDISPENSABLE WARDROBE ITEM: White leather platform Keds.

FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: I love Skirt in Bryn Mawr. The TJ Maxx Runway section in St. Davids is a great adventure.

FASHION ICONS: Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn. I’m inspired by androgyny and women in menswear.

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BEST FASHION BUY: My Theory black velvet suit. I’ve had it for almost 20 years, and it’s still cool, timeless and flattering. One of my few and best full-price purchases ever.

THOUGHTS ON AGING: It’s happening, and I accept it for the most part. I’m so grateful that I didn’t grow up with social media.

MAKEUP TIP EVERY WOMAN CAN APPRECIATE: Trends and seasons exist to help sell you makeup. Ignore them and learn to use what’s right for you personally.

FASHION NO-NO: Pants the same color as your skin. It’s just … no.

WHY FASHION MATTERS: Fashion says, “I’m here,” so dressing with care and expressing one’s individuality through clothes is a powerful celebration of self that the world responds to.

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