Meet Haverford Fashionista Heather King of The Argyle Bouquet

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Get fashion tips and outfit inspiration from Heather King, the owner of Argyle Floral Home and Garden, a premier Main Line flower shop.

King isn’t just an expert in floral design at her Haverford store, but also in her appearance. Read her tips below to find out her do’s and don’ts in all things fashion.

fashion expert

HER STYLE: Eclectic, with a vintage classic flair. Always overdressed!

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FASHION AWAKENING: I remember going to a vintage store on a school trip to New York City and buying my first cocktail dress when I was about 15. I wore it to a school dinner and felt so special.

INDISPENSABLE WARDROBE ITEM: Dior tall black boots. I splurged my entire budget for a dream trip to Paris on those boots.

FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP: I love Rachelle Boutique & Designer Consignor in Bryn Mawr. Shelly, the owner, or Jeremy, a sales associate, will text me when something amazing arrives that they know I’ll love. I can buy several top-of-the-line pieces at Rachelle’s for the same price I’d pay for just one piece at a regular retailer.

FASHION ICON: Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow in the TV series The Politician. There’s a scene where she’s tending to her garden in an evening gown. Yes, please! I’m stuck in that late-’60s early-’70s style, when woman were sexy without showing everything. I like to leave something to the imagination.

BEST FASHION FIND EVER: Gucci heels with crystals in the heel that form the G’s for Gucci. They’re amazing.

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THOUGHTS ON AGING: I’m loving the look of it. I’m proud of what I look like at 47. I look back at myself and think that I look better than ever.

INDISPENSABLE ACCESSORY: A fabulous black belt with a gold frog-toggle closure.

MAKEUP TIP EVERY WOMAN CAN APPRECIATE: Lash serum. I wake up feeling extra pretty because my lashes always look long and full.


FASHION NO-NO: I’ll get some haters on this. Workout wear as everyday wear.

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WHY FASHION MATTERS: I love looking special—it changes my mood. I love seeing other people wearing nice things, putting together kick-ass outfits just because. Seeing others looking fabulous sparks happiness. I always compliment people. If there’s one element in their outfit I think is cool, or makes their eyes pop, or makes their legs look great, I make sure to tell them.


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