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FRONTLINE: Shop Talk 2


Great Find

When you’re an idea person, an ingenious thought can strike you at the most random time—like when you’re unloading the dishwasher. Jen Groover of Swarthmore was doing just that when she imagined an organizational component modeled after the dishwasher’s silverware tray for the interior of a handbag. Like all women who carry them, Groover has experienced the “big dig,” when you’re searching for something you need right away—keys, that ticket for the valet, your wallet—that inevitably falls underneath everything else to the bottom of the bag. Groover’s clever invention, the Butler Bag, features compartmentalized sections. When you look inside, everything is visible and standing upright so you can grab whatever you need. Its fashionable leather design, coupled with great press (the bag was featured in O magazine, People and US Weekly), has resulted in requests pouring in from all over the country. “I never expected the reaction I’ve received,” says Groover. Last month she expanded the Butler brand with a variety of other products, including Butler Bob, a laptop/briefcase for men; Butler Beauty, a cosmetic bag; and Butler Brag, a photo brag book with compartments for all your extras. The bags are $85 and up. A high-end line, priced at $650 and up, will be available soon. Sold at a variety of local boutiques, or order online at butlerbag.com.

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