At Home—and at the Free Library—with Steve Poses

Frög Commissary restaurateur, caterer and cookbook author on the ultimate house party

Yet another reason to be happy about Philly’s budget crisis being somewhat contained: great events at The Free Library, like tomorrow night’s appearance by Steve Poses, the founding chef of Frög and The Commissary. Now, you’d have to be as old as I am to fully appreciate the significance of this, but I’ve been a fan since I moved to area in 1986 and was given his first cookbook as a “welcome” gift. I also had the famous Commissary carrot cake as my wedding cake—one of the few “have to have it” stances I took regarding the big day. When I had my catering business, the Frog Commissary Cookbook was one of my staple resources. And despite the indelible oil, mayo and salad dressing stains and un-bound pages, it still stands as a go to alongside my copies of The Silver Palate, Chez Panisse and Marcella Hazan culinary tomes.

When I saw the email come across regarding tomorrow’s event, it sparked my curiosity about the legendary icon—one that was part of the early culinary revolution here in Philly. I had not followed him much since giving up my catering business, nor had I made down to the Commissary at the Naval Yard (I think it is still there? Part of the Anthropologie complex?), so I reached out to see if he’d play a little game of twenty questions with me.

We connected all right, but somewhere along the way, technology set up a roadblock, and I don’t have the final interview in hand. However, I was promised it is “in the mail,” so if you check back, it should be up by end of day Thursday, worse case scenario, Friday. In the meantime, here is the information on the appearance/book signing tomorrow. If I could go, I would, but motherhood beckons. I will, however, dig up a few of my favorite Frög Commissary recipes and get them up on the blog in case you’re feeling like trying something new this weekend in anticipation of the Phillies and Eagles games. Look for that by Friday too.

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Steve Poses | At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking and Entertaining
Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 7:30PM, FREE

Celebrate the publication of At Home by Steve Poses and the launch of its companion website–At Home Online. At this special event, Steve will share the story of the creation of At Home and At Home Online, and will select an audience member who wants to plan to entertain. That person will join Steve on-stage as he leads them–and you–through the creation of a party plan and demonstrates his party planning principles. At Home by Steve Poses is normally available through his website, but this evening Steve will sign books and you can save on shipping!

Steve Poses is the founding chef of Frög (named “Best Restaurant” of the past 25 years by Philadelphia magazine in 1998) and The Commissary. He has catered thousands of events in the Philadelphia  area and his Frog Commissary Cookbook is a regional bestseller. Visit Steve online at


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