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Ashvini Mashru


“In India, food is a big deal,” says Ashvini Mashru. “I wanted to learn more about it and educate more people about how it affects our lives and lifestyles. That curiosity led me to go into nutrition.” 

After years working in a hospital, Mashru took an entrepreneurial leap of faith that led to the Malvern-based Wellness Nutrition Concepts. “When I see progress happening and my clients are seeing a different version of themselves, that’s so fulfilling,” she says. “Everything I do is customized to my clients’ lifestyles and specific needs.” 

Last year, Mashru released her first book, Small Steps to Slim, aimed at busy moms looking to get healthier. “I came up with a no-brainer system for women to follow in small steps they can do every day, no matter how busy they are,” she says. 

Ashvini Mashru
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