Artur Kirsh Dishes on Hairstyling in Bala Cynwyd and His New Book

Acclaimed hairstylist Artur Kirsh speaks on his new book, which compiles responses to questions he's been asked by clients over the years.

Known as a stylist to the stars, Artur Kirsh presides over the salon that bears his name on the third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. He’s worked his magic on supermodels, Celine Dion, Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Nicole Miller and many others. Kirsh releases his first book this month. 1,000 Questions Behind the Chair compiles a selection of the many things he’s been asked by clients, along with the snippets of wisdom and inspiration he’s picked up over the years.

MLT: Why are clients so open with you?

AK: All people open up to their hairdressers—it’s our time together. You trust me with your hair and how you look, and you share certain things. To a point, hairdressers are like doctors. We can’t prescribe medicine, but we do our clients’ hair and make them feel good.

MLT: What can we expect from the book?

AK: I included conversations and lots of the quotes my clients shared with me throughout the years. There are no names in the book—I wanted it to be very raw. There are a lot of comments of what to do or not to do with hair. You don’t have to read it cover to cover. Anyone can relate to it.

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MLT: How did you compile questions included in the book?

AK: As I started writing the book, I bought a box and some sticky notes. I would say, “I’m writing a book. You can ask me any questions you want. Just don’t put your name on it.” Then, once upon a time, I opened the box.

MLT: So it’s about more than just hair.

AK: It’s about everything. People talk about more than just their hair with me. There’s a joke that you can leave your boyfriend, but you can never leave your hairdresser.

MLT: How long did it take to compile enough content for a book?

AK: Overall, it took many, many years. When the idea for the book came about, I put it all together in a little over a year. As a human, you never stop thinking. At one point, I just had to close it because I would’ve never stopped.

Artur Kirsh
Artur Kirsh. Courtesy Tessa Marie Images

MLT: So does that mean there will be a second book?

AK: I’m excited about this one, but I think I’m going to stick to one.

MLT: What’s the most intriguing question you’ve been asked by a client?

AK: You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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