Health Center Founder Arianne Missimer Shares Her Wellness Tips

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Meet Arianne Missimer, cancer survivor and founder of Downingtown’s Movement Paradigm Integrative Health Center.

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Arianne’s Vitality Philosophy: For me, vitality means feeling your best emotionally, mentally, spiritually—and looking your best. They’re not separate things. Most people want to work out to look better, and they should feel good on the inside too. Losing my brother inspired me to help others become their best, and it gives me purpose. Surviving cancer reinforced that.

Where to Begin: I focus on mindset—movement as a gift, mindfulness over autopilot and gratitude. Nutritionally, that means remembering all the things food does for us. It’s social, and it provides connection and information about our health.

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Arianne Missimer

Mind What You Eat: My goal for myself and my patients is balance, rather than rules about “good” or “bad” foods.

A healthy mindset matters for a good relationship with food.

Favorite Indulgence: French fries every few weeks. No shame.

Meal Planner or a Pantser? I’m a total planner. I always bring my lunch to work. Preparation and commitment is the priority in eating, taking the thinking out of it. I usually need to prep my protein and brown rice or rice noodles. I focus on natural whole foods, with lots of variety.

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Indispensable Workout: I’m always working on movement quality and mobility, foot-to-core sequencing—always barefoot. I weight train four days a week.

Macro Tracking: I track for a week or a few days whenever I change my nutrition, and then I circle back to analyze. I don’t love tracking day to day, but nutrition is a science. The more objective we can be, the easier it is to get the results we want.

Favorite Post-Workout Treat: Relaxing in the sauna and sipping water with electrolytes.

Eat Out or Cook In: We cook a ton of venison and elk at home—grass-fed, organic options. I’m the protein police. Muscle mass is so vital. We probably eat out once every two or three weeks.

Favorite Meal: A venison veggie bowl with rice or rice noodles and veggies like arugula and carrots.

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