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Alternative Learning: The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth Gives Kids a Holistic Education


Gary Grenier, executive director of the Lincoln Center for Family and Youth. (Photo by Jared Castaldi)Shahein was hauling a box of truck bolts and cast-off iron that probably weighed more than his own 121 pounds. Sweat poured off him as Lance, his educator at the Lincoln Center for Family and Youth, offered a hand. “Nah, I’m gettin’ there,” Shahein shouted back.

Shahein and 24 other teens gathered at King of Prussia’s Swedeland Park as part of TLC’s Trans Ed Alternative School System. Students build confidence and teamwork through athletics and give back by cleaning up the park. The alternative school system is one of three Trans Ed divisions, along with the Family Resource Network and the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Division.

The trademarked Trans Ed methodology is a holistic educational approach focused on fostering personal growth through three-dimensional, multisensory environments that generate interactive learning, motivate self-discipline, build self-esteem and character, and inspire kaleidoscopic thinking.

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An outgrowth of community-based services at Eagleville Hospital, TLC became its own multiservice nonprofit in 1983. It operates Trans Ed academies in the West Chester Area, Colonial and Pottstown school districts. A fourth magnet school at TLC’s Audubon headquarters serves other area districts.

When Shahein arrived at TLC from Upper Merion, he was uncooperative, angry and failing in both school and life. “We applaud his transformation,” says executive director Gary Grenier. “At TLC, we challenge individuals, families and ourselves to continuously grow and change.”

To learn more, visit thelincolncenter.com.

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