Alice Dagit


Most people don’t say no to Alice Dagit—and that’s because of the amazing organizations she works with. Her good deeds span more than 35 years, starting in 1980, when she got involved with Stop Child Abuse Now. “If a child breaks his arm falling off a bike, it will heal,” she says. “If the arm is broken by a parent, those lasting scars will never heal.” 

In 1986, when Dagit created “SCANtastic” to raise funds for the organization’s programs, everyone told her she was crazy. Competing restaurants would never agree to be at the same event. But Dagit persisted and got 125 of the region’s best eateries to participate—every year for 20 years. 

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The foodie extravaganza raised thousands of dollars for SCAN. Its successor, Taste of the Main Line, is a fundraiser for the Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation. EA provides scholarships and mentoring to female students and distributes grants to organizations that help women and children. 

Dagit is also a longtime director of Philadelphia Hospitality, which has boosted tourism and business travel to the city by showcasing its cultural institutions, restaurants and hotels to decision makers around the world. “It’s all part of creating a healthy, happy, safe environment for parents and children,” says Dagit. “But if you just say it like that, you only get so far. Sometimes, the best way to raise money is to throw a party.” 

Photo by Tessa Marie Images

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