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For this month’s Women’s Issue, senior editor Tara Behan sent various Main Line Today staffers out in the field (so to speak) to scope out the hottest beauty treatments. And seeing as our office is largely female, we were hardly short on volunteers—all of whom gladly submitted to a variety of transformative techniques. Check out the stunning before-and-after shots in our feature, “Beauty Brigade,” along with explanations of how the stylists achieved such spectacular results. Trust us, they can do the same for you.

Being a guy, I figured I could sidestep the makeover frenzy consuming my workplace. I was wrong.

My mission came in the form of an unexpected e-mail from Behan informing me of the lunchtime facial she’d scheduled at American Male in Berwyn. Mind you, “metrosexual” is not a term I’ve had lofted in my direction with any frequency. I’ve had my nails done once, on a lark really—and frankly, I had trouble adjusting to the polished, cuticle-free results. Now, here I was, about to enter what I suspected would be a surreal realm of lime-green mud masks and cucumber slices.

I was wrong again.

Relaxing in American Male’s comfy-sleek waiting area—with Kid Rock playing in the background, no less—I enjoyed a short game of chew-toy tug-of-war with Bosley, the salon’s resident Maltese/poodle mix. Soon enough, I met my handler, Maggie Thornton, who led me into a small room where I was asked to take off my shoes and shirt and lie down. Out went the lights and on came the New Agey acoustic music; a white-noise machine hummed in the background. I felt oddly at ease.

First, Thornton cleaned my face with a foaming wash and motorized facial brush. Then she spread on an exfoliating combination of enzymatic powder and activator gel. Eye pads were applied (sorry, no cucumber slices), and steam was used to open my pores before the mixture was removed with a warm towel. According to Thornton (and I guess I’ll take her word for it), my skin was in pretty good shape, so I only had to endure a few extractions before a spritz of rejuvenating toner.

Next up: a facial massage using a mix of lotion and aromatherapy oil, followed by a calming gel masque spiked with oxygenating oil (to combat the dry skin beneath my eyebrows and beard). By the time Thornton got around to the hand massage, I was ready for a nap.

Something tells me I’ll be back for more.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Associate editor Dawn E. Warden spotlights 13 women making a real impact on the Main Line—be it in business, science, philanthropy or other arenas. We’ll recognize those we’ve profiled at our “Women on the Move” event Oct. 8 at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern. Click for details.

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