9 Pretty Potted Plants

These ideas will transform decks and patios this summer.

This variety of lavender is not the first choice for consuming, but it is ideal for decorating purposes in late spring and early summer. Sometimes called “rabbit ears,” the plants are greyish green with purple or pink flowers–Kelly Bergh


Boxwoods are an ideal shrub for anyone wanting a full pot that doesn’t look overcrowded. They are easy to maintain and typically need only one annual trim.


While not commonly associated with pots, rose bushes can grow in containers. Lady of Shallot roses are a bright red-orange, and thrive during the summer, as do the yellow flowers of the Summertime variety, which will climb, if given a structure to do so.

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Seen here paired with blue lobelia and white bacopa, other good potted plants, perennial geraniums do very well in the summer climate of Pennsylvania. Its height makes it standout beautifully among other flowers that spill over the side, recommended for packing arrangements in pots to get things balanced. 


An annual in Pennsylvania, gerbera daisies are low maintenance and thrive in average soil. They are as beautiful as they are hardy, blooming in a rainbow of colors, including white, pink, red, orange and green.


These artful, sculptural plants add a geometric and eye-catchingly interesting look to any pot. Take them out of the office and onto the porch where they can grow much larger. 


As vibrant and bold as the crayon of the same name, fuchsia grows best in hanging baskets. These plants are slightly higher maintenance, as they must be regularly fertilized and checked for insects, but can last all year, if brought indoors for the winter.


Ferns do well in their native Pennsylvania. Use them as a way to bulk up potted plant arrangements.

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Like succulents, many people think of potted orchids as desk adorners. However, they do well outside, too, and can offer a nice bright addition to a collection of potted plants.

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