7 Indoor Plants Perfect for Winter

Add greenery to spruce up interior décor.

As the holiday season slips away and the last house on the block finally takes down festive decorations, the winter season becomes overwhelmingly dreary. While white blankets of snow temporarily alleviate the bleak landscape, they eventually, too, eventually dissipate. Help shake off the winter blues with these indoor plants. 

—Deanna Passaretti


This air-purifying plant can strip the toxins from household items, such as living room carpets and curtains.  

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Known for its waxy texture, hoya is the perfect indoor plant. It has durable leaves and pleasant scent, and in season, has delicate pink and white flowers.  


Native to the tropical regions of Mexico and Argentina, diffenbachia will transport you to paradise.


This plant is easy to grow, even for the novice gardener. It’s a great choice for shelves or darker corners since it doesn’t need much light. 


A classic house plant, the spider plant adds visual interest and comes in a number of varieties.  


This plant thrives in artificial light and presents a striking contrast with its deep green lives and bright white veins. 

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With leaves that resemble the classic shamrock, and small white flowers in the spring, this plant is perfect for the end of winter.  

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