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5 Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day


Dog owners have been waiting a long time for this Friday—Take Your Dog to Work Day. Introduced in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, the event celebrates the bond between owner and dog and encourages pet adoptions. It is PSI’s hope that through this day non-pet owners will experience that bond and will want to adopt a four-legged friend of their own. This year, participating companies and businesses will celebrate the 16th annual Take Your Pet to Work Day, in recognition of the idea that bringing pets into an office space improves collaboration and creativity. Chad Barone, manager of Braxton Animal Works in Wayne offers these helpful tips for bringing man’s best friend into man’s second home: the office.

1. Leashing – Hosting dogs in the office creates a new environment for everyone in the workspace, so keeping a leash handy is necessary. “Have your dog secured in some way,” Barone says. “Having them secured in a crate that they like or in a harness is a good thing to keep in mind, in case the dog starts to act out.”

2. Sniffing is normal – When your dog goes to make a new friend, let them do so in their own way. “It is important to let dogs greet each other in their normal way because people tend to restrict their dogs when dogs go to greet each other. It’s just like how we think giving a handshake is the best way to greet people. So let the dogs greet each other in the way that they tend to.”

3. Listen to other owners – When going to greet a fellow worker’s dog, make sure you take your cues from the owner. “Don’t just put your hand immediately on the dog’s head [some dogs get nervous],” Barone says. “Put your hand out toward the dog for them to sniff it first.”

4. Have dog treats on hand – Bring a supply of your pooch’s favorite treats in order to keep him/her under control and for extra guidance.

5. Watch your step – Appropriate footwear is a necessary precaution so that no high heels accidentally step on a puppy’s tail or paw. Having everyone in the office wear closed-toe shoes is a good way to ensure the safety of your dog, as well as others.