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5 Favorites with Kate Schnittman


To ensure that her son had the best possible surgeon to remove a tumor on his pituitary gland, Exton’s Kate Schnittman had to travel. She began the Kolbe Fund to pay her good fortune forward, covering lodging expenses for over 1,300 families with sick children in similar situations. 

1. Victory Brewing Company’s HopDevil IPA.

“You can’t beat Victory. There’s such a great vibe there. I love beer—and I love a good IPA.”

2. Chester Valley Trail.

“I’m a triathlete, so I really love to be out and I really love to be active. It’s a great place to be with family.”

3. Music.

“Taylor Swift, Radiohead, Spoon, Blake Shelton—anything with a good beat.”

Kate Schnittman

Kate Schnittman

Victory Beer Radiohead

From Left: Victory beer; Radiohead

4. pucciManuli kids’ gift shop.

“It’s in my favorite town: Ardmore. We used to live there.”

Cyclists pucciManuli toy store

From Left: Gresh Fit; pucciManuli

5. Gresh Fit Computrainer Cycling Class.

“It’s incredible for anyone interested in cycling.”