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3 Things to Do This Month


By R. William Thomas
(Timber Press, 338 pages) 

With spring just around the corner, this book ought to provide plenty of inspiration for novice and experienced gardeners alike. Making the most of beautiful images from Wayne’s renowned public garden, Chanticleer executive director and head gardener Bill Thomas offers exquisite insights into this local treasure. —Lisa Dukart


Have a colleague, friend or family member who needs a pick-me-up? Here’s how it works: You provide a list of email contacts so Flatterbox can collect up to 210 sentiments from them about that special person, which are then printed on small cards that come in a decorative box. Whom do we have to thank for this novel idea? None other than Comcast SportsNet’s Leslie Gudel, who lives in Berwyn. Starting at $49,
—Tara Behan


By Dean Carlson, Ian Knauer and Andrew Wood
(Burgess Lea Press, 272 pages)

Honey Brook’s Wyebrook Farm has become a beloved favorite for everything from fresh meats and produce to culinary classes and chef’s dinners. This new cookbook celebrates the acclaimed cuisine served at its converted 18th-century barn, in the form of 100 delicious recipes. $35. —L.D.