10 Things I’d Like to See on the Main Line

Editorial Director Hobart Rowland shares his wish list.


As I was editing this month’s cover story, I couldn’t help getting wrapped up in its self-celebratory, tongue-in-cheek vibe. It does a community good to acknowledge its greatness from time to time. Typically, we reserve such rah-rah effusiveness for July’s “Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs” issue. But this year, we felt an additional pat on the back was in order. This one, however, isn’t likely to be an annual deal. 

The hope is that readers will use “101 Reasons to Love the Main Line” as a guide of sorts. Or, if not, then at least a resounding affirmation of all the awesome things our area has to offer. 

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Somewhere around Reason No. 42, I also got to thinking about some of the great things our area should offer. Call it my Main Line wish list. Who knows, maybe we’ll be adding these to another cover story in the foreseeable future?

1. Paoli Transportation Center. I know they’re cash-strapped, but can’t SEPTA and Amtrak suck it up and get the ball rolling on this much-ballyhooed—and much-needed—commuter project before the existing train station collapses in a stiff breeze?

2. A limited-access cruise along Route 202 from King of Prussia all the way to Wilmington, Del. File under: “When Hell Freezes Over.”

3. A traffic-light-free, four-lane commute on Route 322 from Glen Mills to I-95. See above.

4. Alfresco dining at Wawa. Hey, they’re doing it in Orlando. Then again, vehicle exhaust, sleet and Shorti Italians aren’t exactly a great combo.

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5. A beer-and-wine section at Acme. Wasn’t Tom Corbett supposed to fix this?

6. Rail service from West Chester to Center City. The track’s ready and waiting. Just sayin’.

7. Bike lanes on Lancaster Avenue. One can always dream.

8. In-N-Out Burger. Sorry, Five Guys.

9. The Barnes Foundation’s return to Merion. Just kidding (sort of).

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10. No potholes!

MORE KUDOS: And the accolades just keep coming for illustrator Vlad Alvarez—and deservingly so. The amazing work he did for December 2014’s “Body Art” feature has been accepted for the highly competitive Creative Quarterly magazine’s spring edition. That’s three consecutive CQ issues for Alvarez’s MLT-commissioned work. But who’s counting? 

Well, we are. 


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