Main Line Today February 2011

Mommy’s Light Holiday Cocktail Party

Dec. 15 At the home of David and Diane Charlton in Pottstown Beneficiary: Mommy’s Light Lives...


News and events around the local home-and-garden scene.

Modern Living

Wayne interior designer Carrie McNamara lists this year's top five trends.

Hot Property

Living on easy street in Haverford.


The Tuskegee Airmen helped alter the perceptions of a backward country and its like-minded military. In honor of Black History Month, this is their story, as told by the Main Liners who lived it.
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Quick Bites

News and notes on the local dining scene.

Coffee Cozy

Chilling at home today? Then grab your classy glass mug and give your warm morning brew an extra kick.

First-Name Basis

Alfredo brings Naples-inspired cuisine to Berwyn.

Good, Clean Fun

Roller-derby vixens the Liberty Belles are nice girls at heart–and tough as nails where it counts.

Country Living

A majestic Chester County farmhouse defies its true age.
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