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How to Find Your Unclaimed Money in the Main Line


How would you like a check for $20,000? It’s totally legit, no strings attached.

You may have left it behind in an old bank account. You may have forgotten about a stock you owned. Maybe you moved and didn’t change your address with the post office. It’s all unclaimed money, and it could be yours.

Every year, the Pennsylvania Treasury Department has unclaimed property turned over to its office. The challenge is finding the rightful owners. Who doesn’t know they have money out there? Apparently, a lot of Main Liners.

Right now, the state has more than $1.5 billion. Included in that amount is $27.5 million due to people who had last-known addresses in Chester County, while $46.6 million is owed to hundreds of people with last-known addresses in Delaware County. And for Montgomery County: $65.2 million.

Even if you think there’s no way you have any money coming, it takes two seconds to check. Visit patreasury.org or call (800) 222-2046.