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Island with drawers

Just the thought of undertaking home organization projects can be a little daunting. It can be overwhelming and hard to pick a place to start, leaving problem areas continually cluttered. With everything in disarray, stress levels or even embarrassment about having guests over can increase. Professional organizers can easily create clever designs to rid annoying mess for good.

The Closet Works has a team of space optimization specialists who can bring organization and stress relief to many areas in the home. A perfect place to start is the master bedroom closet. Here, an expert offers four tips.

Drawer-mounted ironing boards

  1. Add a fold out ironing board.

Reaching for an article of clothing to complete the perfect outfit only to discover it’s wrinkled or needs a touch up often means making a trip to the laundry room or foregoing it completely. With a built-in drawer mounted ironing board, that trip is no longer necessary. The small drawer contains a fold out ironing board for quick touch-ups or spot pressing, easily tucked away and out of sight when not in use.

Tilt-out hampers

  1. A built-in hamper adds convenience.

Even the neatest person who always puts dirty clothes straight into the hamper can benefit from a built-in hamper, especially if that person has a messy partner. Keep sweaty gym clothes off the floor and stray items from lingering. A built-in tilt-out hamper makes it as easy to put soiled clothing away as it is to just toss it on the floor. In one place and hidden behind a ventilated door, it’s easy to grab the basket to do laundry. For those with extra space, add multiple hampers to pre-sort clothing.

 Island with drawers and bench

  1. Islands aren’t just for kitchens.

For those with a large enough closet, adding an island can give lots of extra space. Fitted with drawers and shelves, an island can provide perfect storage for folded garments, extra shoes, a handbag collection or even a space for displaying or storing a hobby. The possibilities are endless and a skilled designer can make even a small island worthwhile. Islands can be tall with lots of shelves, or small, with a bench that has a lift up top, perfect for sitting when putting on socks and shoes. The island countertop is also handy for folding clothing and packing for trips to far-flung locales, alleviating the need to bend over or stack things wherever there might be space. Depending on the closet size, multiple smaller islands can be incorporated, adding lots of utility, efficiency, and most importantly, space. Islands also create a focal point, perfect for adorning with a vase of flowers. Made with glass doors, custom bench cushions or moldings, they can prove an elegant, efficient addition.

Slanted shoe shelves

  1. Shoe storage is a must.

Not all shoes are created equal—Jimmy Choos don’t belong on the same shelf as flip flops. Casual shoes are best stored on flat shelves while expensive non-leather dress shoes, especially in suede or cloth, are best stored in shoeboxes where dust can’t harm them. Whether sporting Italian leather all day, or living in designer sneakers, shoe storage should reflect your needs, which can be solved with proper shelving. We recommend storing every day shoes on flat shelves, positioned so the shoes used most are easily accessible. Keep dress shoes on higher, slanted shelves so you can see them and judge how well they suit any particular outfit. Keep a few shelves at the top to make room for rarely worn or seasonal footwear, best stored in boxes. Lastly, consider adding shoe cubbies. They don’t work for all shoes, but are great for neatly storing lots of sneakers, sandals and flats in the most space efficient way.

Closets should be a reflection of the needs of their owners. These are just a few suggestions for crafting a well organized and aesthetically pleasing space, which off-the-shelf products can’t solve. For those who need exceptional storage solutions, partnering with a custom closet professional is the best way to keep all the rooms in your home organized and functioning at the highest level where form, function and style converge in beautiful symmetry.

Call The Closet Works to set up a consultation or to learn more about custom organization options.

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