This Philly-Based Company Debuted Granola Butter on ABC’s Shark Tank

Photos courtesy of Oat Haus

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Oat Haus introduced Shark Tank to the world’s first oat-based granola butter spread—and it’s delicious.

Who else loved a good PB&J growing up? (And maybe still rely upon it as a go-to.) It used to seem like peanut butter was the only option. Today, the nutty butter realm has expanded to include alternative spreads like almond, cashew and even sunflower butter. But have you ever heard of granola butter?

granola butter

Granola butter is the world’s first oat-based butter spread. This product is nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO and allergen-free, making it safe to bring for school lunches. Oat Haus is the locally based company out of Warminster that created this game-changer. If you watched the Friday, October 22 episode of Shark Tank, you saw co-founder Ali Bonar and her team showing off their delicious product and getting a jump on their increasingly popular company. Since the airing, sales have skyrocketed for the Oat Haus group. 

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As for the appeal, it’s easy to understand the burgeoning popularity of the granola butter. About 1.1% of the population has some sort of nut allergy. This doesn’t even include different sensitivities or general dislikes people have. That is why granola butter is so versatile, as well as a solid option for those who can’t enjoy peanut butter.  

Ali Bonar, the co-founder of Oat Haus, shares her personal and brave story on why she decided to create granola butter.

“Granola Butter was born out of my eating disorder recovery. This company was born out of my eating disorder recovery. I struggled for over a decade with orthorexia, exercise addiction and binge eating. One day, enough was enough. I decided to embark on a journey of self-love and food freedom. Part of my recovery process was re-introducing foods back into my diet that I had restricted heavily for years — nut butters being one of them. Unfortunately, my gut couldn’t handle all of the nuts, and none of the nut-free options on the market resonated with me, so I decided to create my own… and Granola Butter was born.”

granola butter

This unique spread comes in multiple different flavors including original, vanilla, strawberry shortcake, pumpkin spice, chocolate, blueberry and more. Some of these remarkable flavors rotate to bring in others like cookie dough or apple pie.

 Bonar says, “It tastes like liquid Teddy Grahams.”

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The granola butter can be used in a variety of ways. Some favorites are slathering it on toast, drizzling it over fruit or mixing it in with a smoothie. With all-natural ingredients, granola butter is a safe way to incorporate a spread in children’s school lunches without worrying about allergies.

oat haus debuts granolla butter

Each jar sells for $12.95, with the option to purchase bundles for a better deal. Around the Main Line region, it is sold at DiBruno Bros. and Weaver’s Way as well as other stores like Whole Foods, Harmons Neighborhood Market, Thrive Market and more. You can even get it shipped to your home. So, what are you waiting for? 

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