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Main Line Today Purveyor Spotlight: Bryer Apiary

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Bryer Apiary is a Chester County business offering raw honey extracted from beehives in the region in an eco-friendly way.

Jeff Bryer has been working with bees since 2000. His dad maintained hives when he was growing up, so it runs in the family. “My daughter and I got hooked on a science club that involved bees, too,” says the licensed psychologist. “It’s the perfect blend of science and nature.”


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The bees that occupy the 45 hives dotting his bucolic Chester County property are usually native—though they’re sometimes purchased from a company in Georgia. Gathering honey by the ton, Bryer collects the frames and takes them to a local extracting location, where the equipment uses centrifugal force. A drum holds the frame within a basket that spins, flinging the honey out. That way, the honeycomb remains intact and can be reused by the bees.

Along with honey, Bryer offers beeswax candles. You can check out his products online, by appointment and at the West Chester Growers Market.

(610) 696-8448, byerapiary.com

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