HubBub Rode to Stardom at Best of the Main Line Party

The Radnor-based company lavished guests with samples of cold-brew coffee at the Drexelbrook.

On July 23, 2015, Erica Ritchie and Emily Kovach wheeled a tricycle down the ramp of a rented U-Haul, through the doors of the Drexelbrook, past the bustling array of vendors, into the ballroom. It was all they needed to celebrate their Best Coffee Shop for Weekenders win at the 2015 Best of the Main Line Party.

The general manager and the communications director were not there just to show off their new trike, rather what was inside of it. A box sitting near the front of the bright red tricycle held a kegerator with 300 servings of cold brew coffee. It was the first time the Radnor-based business had brought the trike to an event, so Kovach was somewhat wary.

“It’s a steel-front tricycle with a giant box to hold the keg in it, so it’s no small feat. But we did it,” the communications director and a food writer said.

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“It’s a really fun way to bring a little slice of the HubBub experience to other people,” she added. “It’s so unexpected. It always makes people stop and say, ‘Is that seriously a bicycle?’”

The tricycle was one way for the coffee shop to stand out among the other 99 vendors at the party. But standing out wasn’t their main goal. They were in it for the relationships, whether that be existing customers, new customers or other businesses.

Hubbub Owner Drew Crockett tests out the tricycle//Photo courtesy of Hubbub.

“I think it was so obvious that all those people there are one of the best at what they do, and I think that was reflected very clearly in the quality of the products,” Kovach said. “I felt very much like these are the elite people; these are good companies. Everyone is bringing their A-game in their day-to-day and to this party.”

Kovach and Ritchie were able to walk around the ballroom and retrieve samples to bring back to the other one—particularly those from Restaurant Cerise. Kovach particularly enjoyed the live music, provided by Jelly Roll, and the dancing.

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By far one of the best parts for the businesses was getting their names out there to people who may not have heard of them. The trouble for HubBub is that they are tucked away in a shopping center off of Lancaster Avenue. The storefront is far from visible to those driving by.

“You get to interact with all these people who are like, ‘I know exactly where that intersection is, but I had no idea you guys were there. Awesome, now I can come to you instead of Starbucks,’” Kovach said. “It was just such a nice combination of talking to people who are already our fans and are already familiar with us, and then getting to talk to people who have no idea who we are, but maybe could become regulars.”

That has become evident in Hubbub’s business. “I think for a number of reasons—definitely including the great coverage we’ve gotten from [Main Line Today]— just shows we’re way, way busier than when we started,” Kovach emphasized.

Given the choice to go again, Kovach says HubBub would be there, no question. “It’s a super fun, swanky party. It was great. I had a great time, and [Main Line Today was] super easy to work with. That part was a breeze.”

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