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Ginger Beer at Bar Savona and In Your Backyard


Is there anything better than a crisp ginger ale to wash down those summer burgers and dogs? In fact, there is. Ginger beer is an oft-ignored, spicy-sweet alternative to the typical backyard brews—and it’s fantastic in more cocktails than you might think. The Dark and Stormy (dark spiced rum and ginger beer) is a more common one, but for something lighter and more refreshing, pop into Bar Savona in Gulph Mills for the Plymouth’s Mule, a tall portion of Plymouth gin, lime juice and house-made ginger beer.

No time to make your own suds? Gosling’s and Regatta ginger beers will do the trick, and a lime wedge nestled among the ice cubes goes a long way in making both of the cocktails noted above a highlight at any barbecue.

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