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Verdad Unveils Cutting-Edge Molecular Cocktail Program


Bryn Mawr’s Verdad Restaurant & Tequila Bar’s chef Nick Farina may be a mad scientist in the kitchen, but as of October, he’s taking his avante-garde techniques behind the bar to launch one cutting-edge cocktail program. Keen on extracting and infusing flavors to craft brand-new, liquid nitrogen-modified drink creations, Farina’s quickly becoming our new hero of happy hour.

His newly unveiled techniques could easily rival big-city mixology, too. Farina’s experimental process begins with infusing his premium tequila inventory with high-quality, unusual ingredients by utilizing a process similar to brewing tea. Here’s how he goes way beyond the bar, to the lab: he heats tequila in beakers which sit beneath the aromatic ingredient being infused. The infusing unit is self-contained and sealed to keep moisture and aromas enclosed. The tequila simmers but doesn’t boil, so alcohol remains in tact. Farina cools the infused liquor by adding liquid nitrogen, and once chilled, adds mixers, stirs and triumphantly pours.

The result? Insanely inventive, aromatic cocktails that you need to try…today! Farina’s first three offerings to debut include:

Rose Petal Margarita: A floral ‘rita that focuses on Camarena Blanco Tequila infused with fresh red rosebuds. Once the romanticized cocktail is hit with an instant liquid nitrogen cooling, Farina adds triple sec, agave and fresh citrus juice, and garnishes it with rose petals.

Autumn Anejo: Throwing El Jimador Tequila infused by brandied cherries and herbal teas on the pedestal, this spicy concoction is a taste of fall at its finest. Flavor additives like orange rind, cloves and allspice are also incorporated, along with Peychaud’s Bitters. Brandied cherries finish off the drink.

Herbed Watermelon Cotton Candy Margarita: An infusion of fresh mint into Camarena Blanco Tequila starts off the drink, followed by triple sec, agave and house-made watermelon cotton candy (crafted from reducing ripe watermelons for 24 hours, drying the mixture, pulverizing into a fine powder and pouring into a cotton candy maker).

Each cocktail retails at $12. More info available at verdadrestaurant.com.

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