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The Ultimate Bake Shoppe Whips Up Some Tuscan Tomato Pie in Wayne


If you’ve been to the Ultimate Bake Shoppe in Ardmore or Wayne, you know that their glass cases of from-scratch baked goods like biscotti, cupcakes, cookies and muffins are hard to pass up on a shopping trip to the farmers’ market. While sweets have been the bake shop’s claim to fame since opening 30 years ago, their latest creation just may steal their thunder. Owner James D’Ippolito has introduced a new product: Tuscan Tomato Pie, which is available at the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market in Wayne. Available in a Sicilian or whole-wheat version, the pizza is made with fresh tomatoes, locally grown basil, garlic, onions, and just a dusting of mozzarella cheese. Each pie is organic, making it a healthier choice. Visit theultimatebakeshoppe.com.

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