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Radnor Welcomes “Better Burger” Restaurant


Smashburger, the nation’s trailblazer of the burger industry, is preparing for its first Pennsylvania location, set to be along East Lancaster Avenue in Radnor.

As of Wednesday, Aug. 7, Main Liners will be able to be acquainted with the nationwide, made-to-order burger joint that’s iconic for its patented “smash” technique. While the haunt’s cooking method of smashing fresh meatball-shaped burgers onto a 400-degree grill for 10 seconds is what keeps Smashburger interesting, the use of high-quality products and local produce is what sets it apart from similar grab-and-go joints.

The chain varies its signature burgers per each of its 186 locations, to home in on the location’s regional flavors. For example, the Radnor menu will celebrate the greater Philadelphia area’s iconic sandwich—the cheesesteak!—with their signature Philly Smashburger, a beef patty topped with grilled onions, Cheez Whiz and Gulden’s mustard—all on a pretzel bun.

Enticing sides add to the Smashburger experience, with options like rosemary and garlic-seasoned Smashfries, veggie frites, fried pickles and hand-spun Häagen-Dazs shakes.

Visit smashburger.com.

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