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Iron Hill's IBU Smackdown With Paul Rutherford's Beers


This Thursday, July 26, Iron Hill brewer Paul Rutherford is hosting an IBU* Smackdown featuring his Ultimate Warrior IPA against his Belgian double witbier, the Belgian Full Nelson, at the Chestnut Hill location. Guests will choose their favorite and there will also be plenty of great things to eat and even some surprises.

To keep to the wrestling theme, Iron Hill is offering a serious menu of hot dogs named after famous wrestlers like the Big Boss Dog (a bacon-wrapped dog with pico de gallo, avocado, jalapeños and sour cream) and the Stone Cod Steve Doggin’, topped with sauerkraut, chopped onions and spicy brown mustard.

Visit ironhillbrewery.com for more information.

* IBU: International Bittering Unit, which provides a measurement of the bitterness (or hoppiness) of beer.

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