Craft Beer Store Is a Hidden Gem in Springfield

Photos courtesy Allanah Richman PR

A father-and-son duo turned Craft Beer Store from a neglected side-of-the-road hole in the wall into a hidden gem in Springfield.

With over 40 beers on tap, its amazing Craft Beer Store in Springfield is just a two-man operation, but that’s how father-son duo Matthew Titus Jr. and Sr. like it.

Selling more imports than just about anywhere else in Pennsylvania, Craft Beer Store has an unassuming appearance on the side of Baltimore Pike. Walk inside and you will find an aisle of fridges filled to the brim with nearly every beer brewed within several hundred miles.

Titus Jr.’s job is to make sure any craft beer junkie finds what they’re looking for at the shop. If the brew you’re searching for isn’t available at the store, and the Tituses can’t get it for you in several days, chances are high that no one can.

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Though his father has been working in the food and drink industry for decades, Titus Jr. was an early advocate for the craft brewery scene. Titus Sr. works for Bar Doctors, buying and selling mis-managed bars in the Philadelphia area.

“That’s my passion,” Titus Sr. says. “I come into your bar and I’ll price it out – real estate, liquor license – I’ll give it value, then I’ll sell it.”

Titus Jr.’s passion, meanwhile, is craft beer. So, when his father bought a neglected storefront called Craft Beer Store in 2021, he convinced him not to sell. After some prodding and renovations, the newly rebranded Craft Beer Store was up and running several months later.

Though Titus Sr. had little interest in craft brews at the time, his enthusiasm for the project has grown. Now he’s learned everything there is to know about craft brews, especially with help from his son.

Craft Beer Store has a wide array of craft brews from across the Northeast United States.
Craft Beer Store has a wide array of craft brews from across the northeast United States.

“I learned everything about craft beer. My son eats and sleeps, researches and has taught me,” Titus Sr. adds.

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Now equipped with more taps, a downstairs gaming area, a small backyard beer garden and owners who are passionate about their product, this iteration of Craft Beer Store thrives in Springfield.

As Titus Jr. puts it, “Father funds it, son runs it.”

The effort they’ve put into managing the space is wildly impressive. Initially filled with a small selection of expiring local beers after its takeover, the new space is bright and vibrant. Additionally, the shop now serve food. With a selection of appetizers like mozzarella sticks, tater tots, popcorn chicken, pizza and more, Craft Beer Store is a wonderful place to enjoy Father’s Day or simply catch up with dear old dad.

So sit down inside or outside with a beer you’ve never tried before, order some apps, watch sports on one of the many TVs and maybe even enjoy a game of pool with your old man. Thanks to more than a little passion and perseverance, the Tituses have created a hidden gem on the side of Baltimore Pike in Springfield.

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