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City Buns Brings Mouthwatering Cinnamon Buns to West Chester

Photo courtesy of City Buns

West Chester is now home to City Buns, a creative bakery offering surprising twists on classic cinnamon buns.

Chester County native Tom Allen always had a sweet tooth. He particularly craved an establishment where you could find cinnamon buns of unique flavors with crazy twists. He was just missing one important piece to the puzzle—someone who could bake.

Enter Vicky Lambert. When Allen met Lambert, one of the things he loved most about her was her passion for baking and experimenting with untraditional methods in the kitchen. As the two began dating, Allen realized that Lambert was the perfect fit to bring his vision to life. He shared his idea with her, and the rest is history.


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“We spent weeks dreaming about what it could be,” says Lambert, who also grew up in Chester County’s rural Oxford. “Soon enough, I quit my job working in a chemistry lab to spend the next year and a half perfecting the recipes.”

Their dreams became a reality with the opening of City Buns in September 2022. West Chester was the obvious choice for their location for several reasons.

“West Chester is special to us because its where we met,” says Lambert. “It was also important to us to choose a town that we loved and appreciated. The community here is more welcoming and supportive than you could ever imagine. There are good people everywhere around here.”


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The distinctive flavors are what truly set City Buns apart. Stop by the convenient South High Street location to enjoy a variety of mouthwatering buns, from classic cinnamon and pecan to pistachio and lemon blueberry. If you want to indulge in more decadent flavors like Nutella s’mores, Earl Grey honey lavender and cookie butter and jelly, keep an eye on the bakery’s Instagram to see when they are available.

“Buns really are something special because you can have them in a variety of different ways,” Lambert describes. “You can have them for breakfast or even a late-night treat while cozying up next to the fireplace.”

Everything is made fresh from scratch daily with premium ingredients, some sourced locally and others coming from as far as Japan. “We get so much joy in not only supporting local businesses and vendors where we can, but also in integrating rare flavors and ingredients from around the world for everyone to experience,” Lambert tells.


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The treats are quickly becoming a favorite among locals and are flying out the bakery doors every day. Lambert recommends ordering online ahead of time to secure your sticky and cinnamon buns.

To Lambert and Allen, it’s about more than just buns. On the sign out front, you’ll notice the words, “Everyday delight.” This philosophy is built around the Swedish word “fika.” In Sweden, fika is time spent daily with family, friends or colleagues over coffee and something sweet. City Buns hopes to be a place of fika for West Chester residents, “a place where you get to make meaningful connections while slowing down to enjoy the sweetest things life has to offer together.”

Visit citybuns.com.

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