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Bring Your Own Cocktail Ideas Worth Noting


Penn 1681 Rye Vodka Philadelphia Distilling 
Smooth on the palate, thanks to its artisanally distilled, organic Pennsylvania rye grains. Order: Thai iced tea or a mango lassi, then sip away a few inches to make room for a shot of vodka. Mix with straw. 


Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Mountain Laurel Spirits 
Smooth and floral, delivering an upfront spice that’s characteristic of rye whiskey, and finishing with a full, round mouth feel. Underlying notes of dried fruit and black cherry, with hints of tobacco, vanilla and oak. Order: Ice, ginger ale, soda water and a lemon slice. Mix one part of each to make a Presbyterian. Garnish with lemon. Also great on its own.


Blue Coat Gin Philadelphia Distilling Company 
Made with organic botanicals and distilled in hand-hammered copper for earthy, spicy juniper notes with hints of citrus. Order: Ice, tonic and lime. Mix and enjoy.


RHUBARB Tea  Art in the Age 
An 80-proof elixir made of beets, carrots, lemons, petitgrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar and rhubarb liqueur. Tangy and sweet, with a hint of spice. Order: Ice, plus orange and cranberry juices, for a Rosy Madras. Mix one part RHUBARB and two parts cranberry juice. Top off with one part OJ.


The Bay Seasoned Vodka Philadelphia Distilling 
Handcrafted, with notes of celery seed, black and red pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and other secret spices, blended with sea salt.  Order: Ice, tomato juice, lemon slices and hot sauce; mix for a well-seasoned Bloody Mary; squeeze in lemon juice. 


SAGE, Art in the Age. 
Woodsy and herb-aceous, infused with thyme, rosemary, lavender,  fennel and sage.  Order: Lemonade and lemon slices; mix two parts lemonade with one part SAGE; garnish with fresh lemon. 


Shine Salted Caramel Corn Whiskey, Philadelphia Distilling Company. 
Distilled three times to deliver buttery notes and hints of sea salt. Order: To end your night on a sweet note, order a latte, steamer or hot cocoa. Add a touch of Shine, sugar, and a dash of cream (or top with whipped cream). —Mary Bigham