Bootlegger Bill Brings Pennsylvanians Closer to Out-of-State Liquor

Pennsylvanians will be able to legally purchase beer, wine and liquor across state lines if the measure passes the State Senate.

Many Pennsylvanians are guilty of crossing state lines into Delaware, Maryland or New Jersey to purchase liquor. Whether it’s a rare or regular occurrence, many Keystone Staters find better selections and prices outside of state borders. With a new bill proposal in Senate, we’re a step closer to legalizing our nefarious actions.

The current Prohibition-era law puts Pennsylvanians who cross the borders to buy beer, wine and liquor at risk for heavy fines—$10 per bottle or can of beer and $25 per container of wine or liquor.

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On Dec. 18, the Pa. House of Representatives passed a bill that would eliminate the “bootleggers” fine for crossing state lines with alcohol purchased out of state. The bill has now gone to the state Senate, which, if passed, would legalize these purchases.

Pennsylvania residents will still be responsible for paying applicable state sales taxes to the Department of Revenue, though the process wasn’t outlined in the proposed bill.

For those hoping to make shipments easier, the bill still doesn’t permit direct shipping of wine and spirits to Pennsylvania addresses. Perhaps that will come in the future. For now, let’s hope the state allows us access to our neighboring states’ liquor. 

Photo by Nina Lea Photography.

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