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The Face of Customized Education


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No two students’ minds are alike, and school should reflect that fact. The Pilot School serves students ages 5-14 years old with a range of learning profiles. They place the child at the center of their work and design a program around each student’s strengths and needs. Moving as fast as they can and as slow as they must, they choose integrated therapies and evidence-based instructional techniques that are curated for each child. Intentionally amplifying capabilities while remediating struggles, Pilot builds an individualized path that starts from where a student is, takes them where they want to go, and offers a trajectory beyond.


208 Woodlawn Road, Wilmington, DE 19803
302.478.1740 • PilotSchool.org

Pictured: Head of School, Alli Williams, Ed.D, with students from Pilot School.