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With the sultry summer heat lingering in the air, the outdoors often feels like a place to seek refuge from, rather than seeking refuge in. But with ever expanding outdoor architecture accompanying pool designs, the outdoors can be the perfect place to cool off and relax during the summer months and beyond.

Custom outdoor living spaces, like those created by Ted’s Pools in Newtown Square, are made to suit the lifestyle of each homeowner, making the backyard an ideal destination. Pools like these, which they’ve been creating for over 30 years, can accommodate most everything, from space for swimming laps, to a properly outfitted diving board or waterslide. Incorporating additional designs that are aesthetically pleasing and practical for use throughout the year can include fireplaces, fire pits, bar and grilling areas, and pergolas and pavilions for shade-seekers.

“Many people put in a pool to have that family enjoyment in their backyard,” says Ted’s Pool owner Peter Fineberg. “They can just walk out their backdoor and there it is.” He notes that it’s especially great for those with children or grandchildren, since it allows them a safe, family-friendly environment without the hassle of going to the shore or elsewhere that would require packing a substantial number of things and where there are greater safety risks.

“Pools aren’t only about swimming, they’re about lounging,” says Fineberg. As such, their designs incorporate benches, shallow sun shelfs and other lounge-friendly features. Another popular installation is flowing water. “Having a water sound is really lovely. You can derive that from raised spas that spill into the pool, stone waterfalls or mini jets,” he says. Mini jets are an economical and beautiful option with their arcs of water.

Today there are more options than ever, in terms of design and materials, so that each pristine pool meets the precise desires and specifications of the owners. Ted’s Pools can craft elegant decks with a range of materials, including concrete, pavers and stones. Options are manifold when it comes to the pool interior. Sleek, attractive designs can be achieved through plaster, concrete, quartz or Fineberg’s preferred finish, pebble. “It has unbelievable durability and incredible looks—color options are anything from pure white to dark black and everything in between,” he says, noting that while it’s a higher initial investment, it’s durability in the long-run, prices it the same as a lesser material which might have to be redone.

To give potential customers a better idea of what will work for them, they create visual layouts and often visit previously built pools. “They can look at the different features, touch them, feel them, get a good idea of what they want. Our past customers are very welcoming because they did the same thing,” says Fineberg.

Beyond creating a fun, beautiful environment, Ted’s Pools also ensures safety, walking clients through the permitting process, which often takes longer than the pool-building process, and includes safety protocol. They incorporate fencing ideas into their designs, preferring a full pool enclosure for maximum safety, and even offer an auto-cover for rectangular pools. “A parent can use a locking key to close a pool so nobody can fall in. We’re putting in more automatic pool covers than ever,” he says.  

In addition to designing and building, Ted’s Pools offers regular pool service and pool opening and closings exclusively for its customers, as well as some renovations.

Whether looking to create the perfect entertainment spot, a family-friendly spot or combination of both, the features that Ted’s Pools offers allow homeowners to extend the outdoor season, in a beautiful space. Those looking to create a backyard oasis need not look further.


For more information, visit www.tedspools.net.

Ted’s Pools
​5046B West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 359-1301

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