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Your financial portfolio is more than just your money—it’s all of the financial decisions you make every day. Do you often wonder if you have enough insurance, if you’re invested properly, or if there are ways to reduce your taxes? You may think these questions are silly, or you may feel you can handle these decisions on your own. However, an expert financial adviser will take the time to fully understand your current financial situation and deliver a complete financial review, as well as answer any questions and deliver a strategic plan to put you on track to reach your financial goals.

We all want a trusted and experienced professional who can offer us counsel. Below are five predominant financial decisions that your financial adviser can help you tackle.

INVESTMENTS: According to Beth D’Andrea, founder of PlumTree Financial Planning in Malvern, it’s important to match your investments to your goals so you feel confident that your money will be there when you need it. Your financial adviser is there to offer guidance on the myriad of investment options so you know that you’re saving enough for retirement, college, that house at the beach, or whatever else is in your financial vision.

GOAL PLANNING: Just as you set goals in your personal life, your financial life also needs direction. Your financial adviser can help you outline and prioritize your goals and then build a plan to reach them, whether you want to save for retirement or for home renovations.

INSURANCE PLANNING: Do you have the right amount of life insurance to protect you and your family if the unthinkable happens? “You’ve worked hard to build your financial portfolio, so be sure and protect it and your family through proper insurance planning,” says D’Andrea.

ESTATE PLANNING: Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Do you need a will or a trust? Is it written properly, so that it does not conflict with any other financial decisions? What other documents will you need to help keep your family protected?

TAX PLANNING: Are you taking all of the proper deductions? Are your assets allocated to take advantage of tax-efficient and tax-free saving where possible? Your financial adviser can help you keep more of the money you earn.

D’Andrea notes that a financial professional can also provide the emotional discipline required to make sure plans are acted upon and that you stay the course during times of economic turmoil, so that, most importantly, you reach your long-term financial goals.

Professional financial help goes far beyond picking investments for your portfolio. Hiring a financial adviser arms you with expertise and resources to plan for your financial freedom.


Beth D’Andrea, a Certified Financial Planner professional, launched PlumTree Financial Planning with the goal of providing the highest quality fee-only, independent guidance to individuals and families who wish to reach their financial goals. PlumTree Financial Planning believes that your finances are personal and your financial planner’s approach should be, too. PlumTree’s professionals get to know their clients as people, knowing that the same things that make us people define and direct our financial plans. They call this “human advisory,” and it’s their promise to their clients.

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